Blog #1 What am I doing?

How did I get here? Well, my life is absolutely CRAZY, but also relatable. I have found that my weakness of speaking my mind, sometimes to a fault, may be something that God has called me to do in order to help others. There are a lot of moms (and parents) struggling to survive each day. What the hell happened to thriving?! This is so important!
So many of us, me included sometimes, live very monotonous lives and never question how they got there, and how they urgently need to fix it! God bless you all…doing dishes, planning meals, picking up and dropping off kids, keeping them entertained at the cost of your own sanity! What takes you to the edge in your life? Think about it for a moment….
Now, is there ANY possible way that this could be changed? I read a quote that I put on my whiteboard for my students that reads, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” -Fred Devito

Well, most times in life when you are burnt out, tired of the everyday and just don’t know what to do…I have the secret…
It’s in you. You must reach DEEP within, say goodbye to your comfort zone, and DO IT! Big or small..only you can CREATE your life. What do you want to change? What would you do if you had no strings, no explaining needed to do, what would it be? Change can be uncomfortable at first and even make friends and family angry. What is the solution? Remain miserable in order to keep the peace? Would your friends or family remain miserable to “keep the peace” with you? Most likely the answer is a resounding “NO.” Only YOU can speak up for yourself and make the change happen. Don’t suggest the change to see how others feel about it. If you NEED this change then vocalize it and make it happen.

My former father-in-law was a pretty kind and gentle man. He was simple almost to a fault. His wife gave him $20 every week to eat lunch and pay for gas to get to work, which was 50 miles round trip. This was relatively reasonable in the early 1980’s when he wasn’t making very much money, and they were having babies as if they were collecting them. One day about 20 years into this $20 per week ritual he had had ENOUGH. After working a physically demanding job 60 hours a week, for over twenty years and supporting his wife and 7 children, he wanted a bigger allowance! Can you really blame the poor guy?! He demanded a change and got it. (If you’re wondering, I think he was increased to $30 a week…haha)

Maybe you are in an abusive (physical, emotional, verbal) marriage and that’s the change you desperately need. GET OUT! No one hopes for a divorce. No one gets married with the intention of parting ways unless it is through death, but there are a few game changers, and abuse is at the top of the list, in my opinion. Everyone loves the cliché saying, “The grass isn’t always greener,” but you know what???? I dare say, that sometimes that grass is SO MUCH GREENER that you don’t even know what to do with yourself! Where was this grass all of my life?!

Visualize it enough and it will help you to obtain the guts to DO it!!
Life is hard. Everyone has responsibilies, children, mortgages and so on, but the goal is not to let these wonderful things/people suffer. NONE of the aforementioned should keep you from reaching your goals and dreams. After planning and mapping out how this big or small change will effect you and your family, DO IT! Your health and happiness are worth the change even if it causes them temporary discomfort. After all, these are probably the same individuals that has not minded your discomfort for all of this time. Take action like a BADASS and get HAPPY! When you’re happy, you can make others happy! Change the world with one small change at a time. The ability is within you…you just need to find it, act on it. The first step is the hardest by far, but it’s not impossible. You got this.


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