Finding Your Soulmate after Abuse and Wreckage

My soulmate, was the plot twist of the decade by far, yet I fell hard for him very quickly. I knew after only 3 months that I couldn’t live without THIS love. It was different than any previous love…it was also extremely unexpected, yet I know he was my soulmate.

Let me explain this thing about a soulmate: they sound PERFECT. Well, in a lot of ways they are exactly what you’ve ever wanted because they completely understand you and empathize with your entire life and every situation you’ve encountered. They usually have the same outlook on most of life, even if your backgrounds are very different. So much of what is important or isn’t important are similar beliefs between us regarding these obscurities. That is extremely comforting. Your soulmate becomes your best friend that you also want to rip the clothes from on a daily basis. It’s magic.

There’s a little bit of a catch: this person is so much like you that you can potentially have problems with the typical “opposites attract.”

So many of your amazing qualities are also their amazing qualities, but parts of your character or motivation that is lacking is also what is lacking within them as well.

Wait! Chin up! Because this person is so much like you, and in my case is extremely empathetic, they see your struggle and pick up the slack in order to make you more comfortable, no matter how daunting this may be to them.

When you meet your soulmate, you are willing to jump in fast and you aren’t even afraid. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for their comfort and there’s zero resentment that comes from the sacrifice. You know that God has steered you towards this person to be your partner until death do you part, so fulfilling your part of the equation becomes what drives you in life. You want to be to them what they are to you.

When you meet your soulmate, you don’t need to exchange vows in order to feel compelled to put this person first.

It’s a magical love that not everyone can experience in a lifetime, but if you are one of the lucky few….do not let it slip away. Hold onto it. Cherish it. Thank God for it. Forever.

Every relationship has challenges, but once you meet your soulmate, the person you wish you could just lay silently with and melt into, nothing else matters like in previous relationships. This is the real deal. Don’t squander it! Be grateful and be present!

Jason and April ❤️


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