I’m sorry I was Never Enough

I decided on you much too quickly.  I’m a good person and love people with my whole heart, so I expected you to love me with your whole heart too.  I was wrong…dead wrong.  Your idea of love certainly wasn’t what I had long read about in the book of Corinthians, but I knew that […]

The Last Father’s Day

My first day of my Freshman year of high school and an acquaintance looks at my class schedule in hand and asks, “how did you get into all of these smart classes and I didn’t?!” I told her that I had teacher recommendation letters in order to enter the honors classes. It was the truth, […]

ADHD and Hurting those you Love

Having lived with ADHD my entire life, I have repeated behaviors that I see, yet cannot change. I try and I try to change. Then I repeat, loathe myself, apologize, and repeat again. It’s a horrible vicious cycle that others cannot understand and I cannot explain. I sometimes think that the lack of explanation is […]